We proud to present our excellence with high quality of glove, to provide multi-purpose user. We are one of the supplied and manufacturing of Examination gloves and Industry glove. Our products are following the regulation of international standards such ASTM, EN and TIS.
Our products are design for various user for medical application to food grade ,industries PPE glove.
With option : LATEX , NITIRLE , VINYL [ Powder free technology ]
“Our mission to be the excellent glove solution to pretect your hand from any risk.”

Technologies of Production

With our staff experience are design the excellent of quality system for production process. Therefore our products are able to come upwith highly flexible goods and efficient production process. Customer and user can ensure high quality of products and satisfy in touching skin to wearing our glove for daily.


The best customer choice that multi purpose using to prevent dirty and liquid from many application.
The quality of products are design for various users with comfort and soft touch feeling technology.
The products are design for many application such as Medical, Hospital, Food industries, PPE industrires etc.
We are appiciate for your selected our products to support your activites.